Renting a Photo Booth – Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the truth. We’ve been to several events where we’ve had the opportunity to take our pictures using a photo booth. At times, we were impressed with the quality of the photos, but most of the time, we were truly disappointed. We provide the best quality equipment available, including a DSLR camera, professional lighting, interactive touch screen, a pro dye-sub printer that prints in under 9 seconds, an assortment of fun, high quality props, and custom layouts fit for your event. When you rent a photo booth with us, we promise 100% satisfaction from the time you contact us, to the moment your event ends. 

The PremiumShotz difference refers to what makes us so special. While every aspect of what we do is unique, there are a few major differences between us and other photo booth companies out there.

  1. Service – It’s been said that service is everything, and we firmly believe this to be the truth. We love to meet our clients whether in person, or over the phone to make sure we provide exactly what is needed for their event to be spectacular. Not just that, but we follow up with every email, phone call, or message with lightning speed. Granted, when you book with us, you won’t have many emails of phone calls, because all the details will be taken care of for you!
  2. Full Service Photo Booth – There’s that word “Service” again! We are a full service photo booth rental company. This means we don’t just drop off an ugly box for you and your guests to struggle with using throughout the night and hope nothing goes wrong. All of our events are fully staffed by friendly and highly interactive photo booth personalities. We assist your guests with moving through the lines, posing for pictures, and keep the atmosphere fun and alive.
  3. Professional Equipment – We create an experience that is unsurpassed by any company in the Bay Area. This is because we didn’t skimp when it came to buying photo booth equipment. Our photo booth is a beautiful, powder coated aluminum enclosure that looks just as good setup as the pictures it takes. We shoot with a professional DSLR camera at full resolution. Also, we use a studio-quality external flash and a bounce umbrella for perfectly balanced and well-lit photos. Prints come out in about 10 seconds from our professional Dye-sub printer. In addition to this, we only use high quality props, backdrops, and social sharing stations.
  4. Setup & Design – We believe that every aspect of the photo booth experience should be just as awesome as the photos that come out. Our graphic design team will create a beautiful custom template fit just for you and your event. When we arrive, our team will unload and setup in a professional manner, including designing your photo booth set as if it were a piece of art. We also host the water-mark free, full resolution photos and prints on our website so you and your guests can download and share them after the event!
  5. Branding & Customization – If that wasn’t enough, we can customize virtually every aspect of your photo booth booking. Want giant panoramic prints instead of the traditional 4×6? Done. How about a handmade real flower-wall backdrop? No problem at all. Need your company’s message implemented? Our photo booth branding includes custom screens, vinyl wrap on the photo booth, custom backdrops, props, and so much more!

Occasionally, your venue will require liability insurance. Even if they don’t require it, it is highly recommended. Not to worry, we are fully insured up to $2,000,000 in the highly unlikely case of any damages or injury at your event.

Once you press the on-screen START button, the fun begins! Guests will get 3 to 4 different shots and have 6 seconds in between to change poses or props. Our on-site attendant will interact with guests, and assist them throughout. Once all the photos are taken, they will immediately be printed onto your pre-chosen template design. Guests can also share their favorite pictures by email, sms text, or even share them instantly on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. We promise to create an interactive atmosphere that will have your guests laughing and having a great time throughout your event.

Unlike the old fashioned photo booths, our modern, open air photo booths are ultra roomy, and can fit up to 13+ people. Comfortably. Our record is over 50.

We ask for approximately 10ft x 10ft of space in order for people to move around the booth to take photos and check them out afterwards, and to accommodate large group photos as well. If you have a smaller or bigger space you are looking at, please let us know!

Yes! But it’s also completely optional. Some venues already have an awesome background, but if you need a backdrop, we have a great selection available for you to choose from. Renting a photo booth from us means we can also print a completely custom backdrop that’s just right for your event.

Absolutely! We provide a large assortment of custom props, that are guaranteed to help people break out of their shell and strike a pose. Want something custom? We can also help with that!

Yes, as long as the weather is suitable, we can setup outdoors. However, there are a few requirements! 1) There must be zero chance of rain or strong winds, and the temperature must be between 50F-90F for the equipment to properly function. 2) We need to be under a tent, or similar covered/shaded structure. 3) We need a standard power source  nearby.

Our operators will arrive approximately 2 hours early to set up the photo booth. If there are special concerns or needs regarding your schedule, please let us know!

Yes! We think it’s silly to charge for hours that you don’t get to use. When renting a photo booth with us, if you pay for 3 hours, you get 3 hours of continuous photo booth picture taking time. Our operators arrive approximately 2 hours early to set everything up, so that it’s up and running at the start of your booked rental time. You can check out our packages to see what’s included!

Want to extend the fun? No problem. We can add extra hours based on your event needs.

We accept all major credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc.) Cashier’s Check, or Cash.

We are based out of South San Francisco, and service the Bay Area, Greater San Francisco, Sacramento, Berkeley, San Jose, Oakland, and beyond! Travel is included with our most popular packages up to 80 Miles round trip from SF.

Glad you asked! Please fill out our booking form or email us directly at [email protected]

As politely as we can say this, no. We believe in providing the best service and quality in everything we do, and doing that takes a lot of work. If you are simply looking for a low price, we are probably not the company for you. If however, you are looking for the best price and want to make your day something memorable, we’d love to get in touch with you.