San Francisco Corporate Event Rentals and Leases

Renting our photo booth is a great way to market your brand, product, or corporate event. First of all, we provide custom branded backdrops and vinyl wraps for our photo booth, printer station, and social media stations! All of these things result in a positive, lasting impression for those attending your event. We also provide live social media sharing so your guests can instantly share their photos with their friends. While your guests are having fun sharing pictures, your brand gets displayed to thousands of people that aren’t even present at your event!

Event Activations

  • Promote your latest products
  • Incorporate custom messaging and branding across all channels
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Event Analytics
  • Real-Time engagement

Attendee Engagement

  • Gives guests something fun to do
  • Everyone loves taking selfies
  • Promotes your message across social channels
  • Gives attendees something to remember you by

Custom Branding

  • Branded photo booth wrap
  • Custom printed fabric backdrops
  • Live Slideshows and Social sharing stations
  • Photo Booth screens
  • Props
  • Website Gallery

Social Media Marketing & Email Capture Kiosk

We also offer custom kiosk rentals for retail stores, restaurants, gyms, and etc. Furthermore, our rentals allow for email and data capture, giving your business access to even more leads. Customers take and share branded photos with their family and friends, showing they’re having tons of fun at your business. Everyone enjoys taking selfies, and people are more than willing to give up their contact information to get a copy of their photo. Since 90% of people trust recommendations from family and friends, it will naturally drive more business to your doors!

We handle all the marketing and design, so you can focus on running your business. Let your clients advertise for you while you reap the rewards of increased customer satisfaction and more exposure.

In addition to all this, we can even work with you to come up with custom coupons or offers. The offers automatically get sent along with the customer’s photo, encouraging them to keep coming back. Because we can use custom offer codes, QR codes, and referral links, you can easily track your ROI!

Photo booth rental with corporate branding

Premium Service

PremiumShotz is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Jovan and Iris. Their attention to detail, impeccable service, and focus on creating custom, high quality photo experiences is what makes them the perfect team for your corporate event. 

Family posing in premiumshotz photo booth
Example of a corporate branded photo booth rental experience in San Francisco. Includes custom branding of the booth enclosure, social media sharing, and backdrop printing.

Premium Entertainment

Our full service photo booth company is capable of the most unique, interactive experiences to provide premium entertainment to your guests. With live photos, social sharing kiosks, and giant slideshow galleries, your event will be remembered all the way down to the smallest details. 

Premium Customization

Not only do we custom design a photo booth template to fit your theme and event perfectly, but we can brand virtually everything! From vinyl wrapping the photo booth, to designing a custom screens for an immersive experience, and even printing 8′ x 10′ fabric backdrops to showcase your brand. Everything we do is to help you stand out and create a premium experience for your guests.

Photo booth images showing corporate branding applied via vinyl wrap.
3D Boomerang Slider GIF Photo Booth experience.

Premium Engagement

Our creative services like Swerv3D and our 360 Slow Mo booth mean your guests engage with your brand in ways like never before. From the moment they walk into your venue, they will naturally be attracted to the photo booth experience, enticing them to record a video, or snap a pic, while keeping them entertained all night long. Our team is here to make sure your guests have a killer time, while staying completely engaged.