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Photo Booth Backdrops

To make your event special, we only use the best quality backdrops money can buy. So, choose from one of our beautiful sequin or reversible mermaid sequin backdrops. Or, choose one of our solid color, stretch fabric backdrops. With a variety of colors and options, you can get one that fits your event perfectly. Even more, we can also print fabric backdrops up to 8’x10′ with your branding, photos, logo, design, etc. incorporated. Imagine the impression you could make with your guests by having your branding in full display while they take fun photos in front of your custom backdrop.

Don’t see a backdrop you’re in love with? Let us know!

Solid Color 8ft x 8ft Stretch Fabric Backdrops

Classic, solid color backdrops with a great photo-finish. Clean and simple, and also great as a neutral background. As a result, your subjects stand out! Available in light pink, light grey, or blue.

8ft x 8ft Shiny Sequin Backdrops

Our shiny sequin backdrops are awesome for those classier events and also to add a unique look to the photos. They look great, and look even better in pictures! Because of the shiny surface, the flash reflects and the photos look better altogether. And of course…they are shiny. Who doesn’t love shiny things? Available in white, silver, gold, or black.

Shiny Reversible Mermaid Sequin Backdrops 8ft x 8ft

Three words. Shiny Mermaid Sequin. Probably the coolest thing since sliced bread. These super cool and super modern backdrops serve more than one purpose. First of all, these backdrops look great setup and in photos. Furthermore, the mermaid design means guests can draw right on the backdrop! As a result, this makes for a highly interactive experience and most importantly, allows guests to express their creativity at your event. Available in gold and White, White and Black, or Black and Gold.

Looking for something a little more...custom?

We can also custom print and fabricate any backdrop you have in mind. Whether it is a blown up picture of you and your fiancée, a background of outer space, or even a step and repeat style backdrop with your business logo on it. Because whatever you can think of, we can make it! Our backdrop choices include full stretch fabric or vinyl options up to 8’x10′. Furthermore, we offer full vinyl wrap branding of the photo booth for maximum brand exposure.

Check out our Corporate Event Rentals & Leases page for more info, or contact us and let us know what you’re looking for!

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