How to Leverage a Photo Booth at Your Next Corporate Event or Trade Show

If you’re planning a San Francisco trade show and you’re looking for creative ideas for exhibition stalls, then a photo booth is likely your best bet. As a corporate business, you are highly dependent on your public’s engagement, and a large part of your job is to leverage that engagement towards the growth of your business. Here are all the reasons why photo booths continue to be the best way to leverage hype and fuel your marketing.

A Photo Booth Rental Equals Pure Fun

First, few things are more fun than fooling around with props and making faces in a photo booth. Regardless of the type of event or trade show, people are bound to come enjoy the photo booth, if it’s part of what the exhibition offers.

You don’t even need to create any elaborate introduction or invitation to your booth. Just assume that everyone is interested in joining in on the fun, and show them the way. As long as the booth is there and more people are coming in to the event, the fun will never stop. Whether they want to take photos alone or together with other participants they meet at the show, there’s always going to be a line for the photo booth.

Photo Booths Allow You to Tap into Viral Marketing

The best part about photo booths is how they allow you to tap into the power of viral marketing instantly. You don’t need to convince customers to spread the word about you and your event simply so they can help support your message. They will want to do it by default, with no convincing required, since they will be sharing photos of themselves. This, in turn, will attract their friends across all social channels to check out your event or your brand, bringing lots of organic engagement that you would otherwise need to invest a lot for.

But that’s not all: photo booths are the perfect marketing tool for leveraging attention at events and trade shows, because they make sharing and outreach that much easier.

Photo booths allow users to share their photos across social networks easily, directly from the event. Just tap a few keys, swipe away and the photo is instantly shared with thousands of people within their online networks.

Of course, outside of the exposure provided, having a trade show photo booth means free content! All of those fun, engaging pictures that people took will be accessible in a gallery where you can download and continue sharing (with their permission of course) the pics to promote your trade show or future events/products even further. 

The Printed Keepsakes Provide Long Term Exposure

Think of it like this: in a classically-organized trade show, people pass by, maybe stop by your presentation tent for a few words, but you only have a limited amount of time to make an impression on them. But, what if the thing drawing them near is the opportunity to use the photo booth for a few fun keepsakes? It’s true that they still won’t have time to delve into all the details about your business, but you can briefly deliver a few key points and then allow the printed or digital photo to sell the rest.


What matters most is the first impression you make, and whether or not the participant felt good about it. Since a photo booth instantly gives people a reason to stop by your booth, and creates a fun atmosphere, first impressions are a cakewalk. Afterwards, the printed keepsakes will remind them daily about your business. Flyers and presentation books are easily forgotten or even thrown away, but the same can’t be said about a nice photo. No one is going to throw away a fun pic of themselves!


The pics will stay with the participants and remind them all about you and the fun they had at your trade show. Since we can even personalize the pics with your logo, contact details, and a special offer, it will be easy to stay on the top of your guest’s or client’s minds.

Let Your Brand’s Presence Be Known

A branded photo booth at your trade show can get your business noticed from a distance, and helps to further your brand presence and the impact of your booth. We can feature your logo and messaging on everything from our user-friendly touch screen interface, the backdrop and sharing station screens, to the outside of the photo booth with a full vinyl wrap. Get the power to conduct not only branded image capture and sharing, but interactive surveys, sweepstakes, contests, video testimonials and commercials, virtual props, augmented reality, and more.

Valuable data capture capabilities also include event social photo booth and online engagement metrics, customer feedback, and an email database of guests and recipients addresses for lead generation.

Companies tend to spend enormous budgets in order to get potential customers to sign up to a mailing list, especially now since the privacy regulations tightened. By offering them something palpable, that brings them joy right now, you can remove all the doubts and hesitations they usually have when deciding whether to join a subscription list or not.

Once you have them subscribed, it’s up to you to help turn all those contacts into an active list of useful business connections. Of course, once you have a large list, it’s bound to happen with at least a part of them. And the best way of gaining a large list fast and with minimal investment is by having a photo booth rental as part of your trade show or corporate event.

Photo Booths Make Any Trade Show or Event Fun and Memorable

You’ve probably seen and used photo booths yourself at other events you attended, from weddings to large parties or business events. Since they seem to be so common nowadays, you may worry that the novelty factor has worn off. We can tell you first-hand, it hasn’t!

As long as Instagram, Facebook and the likes still exist, people will continue to enjoy taking pictures of themselves. Having so much fun goofing around can never get old, and, like we mentioned, people tend to hold onto these photos and memories forever, making it pretty hard to ignore the feelings you’ve helped create with them. 

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